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Mr. Evans

Mr.Evan is a fun, inspired performer, and recognized MTAC piano teacher and coach of both contemporary and classical music styles.   He is a grad of the UCLA Music Dept, holds a Clear Credential  K-12 from CSUDH in Music and has taught all piano levels for over 40 years.   Mr.Evan's students find the variety and challenge they need to spark their interest in piano practice. Those who are drawn to popular styles will find a home and learning environment that furthers their knowledge of style, chords, and improve. Those who are classically oriented will find themselves in a rich program to nurture all aspects of classical piano performance including theory programs and competitions. MrEvan's students are beginning, intermediate and those who find great satisfaction in advanced piano study. MrEvan is known for his exceptional gift of communication with students He has great practical educational experience with special needs pianists as well.

Beginning through Advanced Piano Levels  

Classical Repertoire  Technique  |  Jazz Styles and Standards   Improv  Jazz Band  |  Praise Band  |  OCHA  |  Rock 

Composers Today  |  Young Artist Program  |  Certificate of Merit Levels Prep-10  |   MTAC Festivals

Mr.Evan gives in home, online and in-studio lessons.  He gives 2 recitals per year, and has two locations to serve you. He has a full schedule of students with varied goals, and is a Music Teacher Association member, Orange Coast Cities. 


Praise from Experts & Parents

Thank you for teaching my son.!   We began at 3 years, and he was playing before he could read.  My son (who is now 12), continues winning blue ribbons in the Baroque festivals, tests level 5 in theory, and plays keyboards in our worship band. Thanks Mr.Evan -  for the great job you've done with him!

Edna Ermisch

Mr.Evan Sachs is an amazing piano instructor.  He transformed our son from a student with potential and talent into a top notch piano player.  Our son has now competed in piano competitions and has won both first and second place ribbons.  Mr. Evan has the gift of identifying each student’s individual interests and abilities and taking him or her to the next level.

Sarah and Douglas Jacobs

This was a fabulous video showcasing two wonderful people who donated their talents for the betterment of our community! Mr. Evan Sachs, you were phenomenal and I can honestly say that our family has been "changed for the good" having you in our lives!


Marcene Kylander, San Clemente

MrEvan plays Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu

MrEvan Plays Boogie Fever - a collection of Blues, Jazz and Left Hand Bass Styles!


MrEvan + Phantom Lead Megan Theodoreau in Concert for Courtney's Sandcastle Park for Disabled Children, San Clemente, Ca.


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 و غرامو بآلة البيانو. بش تسجّل و تحضر معانا راسلنا على 


AmericanCenterTunis@state.gov في حدود 1 جانفي. American singer and pianist Evan Holiday will perform as well as discuss his interest in music and his passion for the piano. Join us for this live performance where your requests will be accepted with relish!


To register, please email AmericanCenterTunis@state.gov no later than January 1.


About the speaker:

Evan Holiday has performed all over the World on Princess Cruises. He is a protégé of the Jazz master Harry Fields. Evan is well versed in the America Songbook, which he loves to perform both singing and playing. P.S.: Please note that our space has limited seating capacity and RSVPs will be accepted in the order they are received. Please also let us know if you have special needs you would like us to consider.


What is it that will motivate my students to do well?

I have found the feeling of success is really the key. Set up conditions for success....and you'll get practicing.
The Orange Coast Cities Music Teachers Association gives teachers, students and parents a sure path to success.
The sure path includes child friendly competitions at the local university, a great piano, experienced evaluators , and an audience filled with young musicians and parents listening carefully. Here they are warmly encouraged and rewarded for their hard work and practice.
Success in music opens up the potential for success in other areas as well
Loving the path as well as the destination is what I teach.


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By MrEvan


One of the fun things I like to ask is wouldn't it be great if we could play any song using 3 chords? My students are usually amazed to find they can!
I call these chords the 3 CHORDS OF POWER -- after the famous movie: The Lord of the Rings. The story goes that with 3 Rings of Power, one could control and dominate all Middle Earth if one owned them.


In music, using the "3 Chords of Power" gives the pianist power to play nearly all popular songs. Certainly with six chords our
power to harmonize becomes limitless. Sometimes called the One, Four and Five Chord, the 3 Chords of Power are C, F and G in the key of C major.

Here are a few popular songs using the 3 Chords of Power :
Let it Go - from Frozen, Love Story, Hey Soul Sister, Blowin" in the Wind, Blue Moon, Heart and Soul, When the Saints, Christmas Carols, Puff the Magic Dragon, This Land is Your Land

Oh Susanna, KumbaYah, Christmas Carols, Songs from Mary Poppins, Church Hymns and MANY more:)


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Dear Mr. Evan,

I can't thank you enough for teaching me to play my piano in a way I thought not possible. 44 years ago my parents bought an organ and had me take organ lessons for a few years; however, I always wanted a piano, and said I would someday buy one. That "someday" happened 43 years ago when my husband surprised me with a baby grand piano for Christmas. I was thrilled to say the least!


I played my piano for nearly a year, but had difficulty because I struggled playing notes with my left hand vs. the chord/pedal combo on an organ. I decided to take lessons, and researched several piano teachers as I wanted someone who would teach me fundamentals, theory, and a variety of styles of music. Plus, I wanted someone who would be willing to teach a 56 year-old! After many months of looking, I decided to "take the plunge"; it was then when I found you! I so appreciated your enthusiasm to teach adults and your passion for the piano.

In just four months of lessons I'm playing the piano with more confidence, I have an understanding of basic theory (and am eager to continue with learning more), I play classical pieces I never thought I would be able to, and I am continually challenged to learn new techniques with each piece. Plus, it's so fun to go from playing Bach to Disney favorites in one sitting! You've opened my eyes (and ears) to the world of piano playing, and to really feel my piano and enjoy it. After each lesson I can't wait to go home and practice, and I get excited about the possibilities of being able to play advanced pieces and fill my home with a beautiful sound.


Once again many thanks,

Jane Wahl, San Clemente


(comment from MrEvan - Jane has now been taking lessons with me for 2.5 years and has continues to progress and grow in her musical goals.)

Preparing for College Audition by DVD

Evan, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you do furthering Ellyse's abilities at the piano. She completely enjoyed the experience of playing "Classical Gas" with her Dad at the last recital. The music you put together for her to accompany the guitar was truly amazing. Ellyse will continue to grow in her skills and love for the piano under your instruct


 Steve and Sharline Elmer


Both my 5 year old son and 6 year old daughter take lessons from Mr. Evan. In only four months, they have learned so much! They are always so eager for him to come over and show them new things. He maintains a high expectation of excellence while balancing the relationship with them in a fun way.


During the week they practice and play over and over. On a daily basis they practice throughout the day totaling about an hour every day! I often have to ask them to come off the piano. Mr. Evan's positive and encouraging teaching methods has really made them confident and self-motivated to continually practice and try new things.


The Hoyt Family


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