Piano Success -Vital Tips for Parents


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This book helps parents look at reasons why children do not succeed in instrumental practice. Sets up environment for PIANO SUCCESS. Cites the why with scientific studies. This book outlines the major attitudes/values, environment for success!. One interesting observation -- is that instrumental practice success is related to the relationship and recognition/attention with Mother.




Here Are the Stumbling Blocks:

1 Indifferent home environment

2 Faulty teacher-child relationslip

3 Lack of maturity and commitment in the child

4 The wrong instrument

5 Unfavourable practice conditions

6 Bad memories

7 Peer pressure not to practice

8 Not proficient enough to be competitive

9 Too many conflicting interests

10 Sibling rivalry

11 Competitive feelings with a parent

12 Communications 

Ways to Overcome These Problems:

1 Start early

2 Practice with your child

3 Set up family rules for practicing

4 Use incentives when needed

5 Handle conflicts by

a avoiding emotional involvement

b being friendly

c being matter of fact

d not giving in

6 Enjoy your children's music

7 Praise them for their successes

8 Look for stumbling blocks and do your best to remove them

9 Focus your efforts on getting your child hooked on music