How to Land a "Job"... Performing on Cruises

Pianists, Piano Bar Performers,Showband Pianists, Keyboards


Performance opportunities are plentiful aboard floating hotels known as cruise ships. Why anyone would not wish for the opportunity to do this ...I do not know. (Actually I do know since the first time I was offered this job, I was very apprehensive and anxious about the unknown)

After leaving home, airfare paid, to your destination, you will board and meet the passengers, crew,other entertainers, and your boss the cruise director. He or she will give you your schedule,and likely be very gracious and welcoming. Many cruise directors find themselves in the position of being father figures and referees seeing that so much competition goes on between the entertainment staff.Be ready to meet and greet other musicians, actors, singers, comedians, magicians, dancers, and other performers. Getting along in this small town atmosphere means a keeping the artistic critiques down to a minimum.

If you go as a piano single, you will have your own room more than likely.If traveling with a band,sharing a room will happen. Some duos are husband and wife and this works out nicely.

A lounge soloist or piano single will usually be required to know many styles of music...rock, jazz, calypso, country western, and show tunes. A few classics are good too. Having rapport with the guests with comedy, or conversing and showing an interest might come natural to you...that's essential.

While you are being paid very well, and receiving room and board, AND receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel will make close friends and memories that last a lifetime, and serve you well into the future.

Because this job will set you free, paradoxically, it prepares you for settling down...home and hearth are much more appreciated after roaming the world!

Here are some links to discovering this world of opportunity which at this time is growing rapidly. After reading them you might want to get in touch. I offer complete musical preparation for these opportunities, or, just to answer any questions you may have going forward!

Bon Voyage!!!!!!!

Can YOU fill any of these positions?

• Activities Coordinator
• Administrative Assistant
• Air/Sea Agent
• Art Director
• Bartender
• Beautician
• Casino Staff
• Cabin Steward/Stewardess
• Chaplain
• Chef
• Comedian
• Computer Specialist
• Cosmetologist
• Cruise Director
• Cruise Staff
• Cruise Terminal Staff
• Dancer
• Dance Instructor
• Deck & Engine Staff
• Disc Jockey
• District Sales Manager
• Engineering
• Entertainer
• Expedition Leader
• Fitness Instructor
• Food & Beverage Staff
• Gentleman Host
• Gift Shop Manager/Staff
• Golf Instructor
• Group Sales Manager/Staff
• Host & Hostess
• Janitorial Staff
• Juggler
• Lecturer
• Magician
• Maitre d
• Marketing
• Massage Therapist
• Medical Doctor
• Musician
• Nurse
• Photographer
• Physician
• Puppeteer
• Purchasing Agent
• Purser
• Purser's Staff
• Public Relations
• Psychic
• Restaurant & Bar Staff
• Reservations Staff
• Sales Agent
• Salon Manager/Staff
• SCUBA Instructor
• Shore Excursions Staff
• Social Host
• Videographer
• Vocalist
• Youth Counselor
• Water Sports Instructor
• Waiter/Waitress